HARE Capture with Capsule

H.A.R.E (Peppy)

High Altitude Removal Satellite

HARES is an active debris removal solution targeting objects smaller than 1m in size. It will position in orbit and follow the orbital paths of tracked debris. It will then increase velocity and perform orbital manoeuvres to meet this debris for capture, collecting them into an internal cavity secured in a specially developed film.


D.A.R.E (Oscar)

Debris Acquisition and Retrieval Satellite

DARES is a debris acquisition satellite. It will focus on meeting larger objects in orbit, attach to them and transport them either to OARU, if heritage or IP is in need of protection for instance in the shown satellite of Prospero, or can be tasked to bring the object into a safe controlled deorbit.

Capsule Reentry

O.A.R.U (Trash Can One (TC-1))

Orbital Asset Recovery Unit

OARU is our solution to recovery of significantly important orbital objects. It will carry either a DARES or HARES unit to orbit but also allow for them to re-dock along with their payload and safely deorbit for recovery on Earth.