Committed to clearing up Near Earth Space for the future!

Committed to clearing up Near Earth Space for the future!

The Andraste Group was founded to address space sustainability issues concentrating on the growing problem of space debris especially in LEO.

We are committed to making access to space safer for the future by eliminating and reclaiming the huge amounts of debris and heritage that humans have left in their 60 years of spaceflight.

Andraste will approach the problem from two angles. One chasing and capturing tracked debris using a fleet of HARES (High Altitude Removal Satellite) whilst DARES (Debris Acquisition and Retrieval Satellite) will target ex-service satellites and large debris, either deorbiting to burn in atmosphere or retrieval by a recovery unit if culturally, monetarily/materially or IP significant.

Andraste is poised to take advantage of the blossoming UK Space industry and make Great Britain a world leader in space sustainability.

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Our Services

Sat 1

H.A.R.E (Peppy)

High Altitude Removal Satellite


D.A.R.E (Oscar)

Debris Acquisition and Retrieval Satellite


O.A.R.U (Trash Can One (TC-1))

Orbital Asset Recovery Unit